AFP vulnerability management tech lab revealed

As its officers step up their online operations, the Australian Federal Police (AFP) has announced the launch of a new cutting edge laboratory in its efforts to combat 'hi-tech' crime.

In a release published on March 29, the chief technology officer for the federal police, Scott MacLeod, explained that the new Innovation Centre would assist the AFP by allowing it to produce new technologies in order to combat cybercrime.

Mr Scott asserted: "The AFP Innovation Centre provides a strong basis for focusing on the identification, trial and application of new and emerging technologies in support of current and future operations and business needs.

"The Centre positions the AFP at the forefront of new and emerging technologies and will play an integral role in enhancing the AFP's crime fighting capability."

The CTO went on to say that the new lab would allow the federal police force to test and analyse digital products across multiple platforms in an efficient and cost effective manner.

It allows the AFP technicians to explore any vulnerabilities present in vendor offerings, allowing them to provide useful vulnerability management feedback before a purchasing decision is made.

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