Why modern retailers need PCI DSS certification

In today’s modern marketplace it is becoming increasingly common for customers to avoid carrying cash on their person, preferring the convenience and security that payment cards provide. This means that most retailers and service providers have found it to be a prudent decision to accept most debit and credit transactions – both online and in physical stores. However, the information collected during these transactions requires careful handling – and while each card provider issues their own instructions on how these are to be performed, some sellers have yet to get on board. It could be that the managing parties view the cost of achieving a PCI (payment card industry) certification as outweighing the perceived benefits – but this is a narrow view. In essence, PCI compliance helps to serve as an asset in terms of consumer trust and security measures – delivering a high standard of information protection to suit the business.This is especially relevant for firms on specific contracts, as they can contain certain clauses that allow the card providers to issue infringements and fines for failing to comply with the standards they set out.

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