New businesses need to be extra diligent

As a new business begins operations, there inevitably comes along scenarios that test the capacities of the employees concerned.

While it is highly unlikely that a manager will be able to plan for every scenario, it may be possible to ensure that the systems in place are capable of handling a wide range of issues that may arise.

When it comes to asset vulnerability management, ensuring that the policy frameworks and responsibilities are in line with best practice procedures can be a powerful step in the right direction to prepare for incident management. Not only does this mean that employees are aware of how best to handle a situation, it also means that they know where they can find more information on what to do next should an incident escalate.

Regular reviews of internal practices can help to ensure that staff activities are still aligned to protect the safety and security of the business’ information assets, while external audits of a firm’s defences can help to highlight any gaps before they become an issue.In this way a new enterprise can continue to securely deliver its products and services in the knowledge that it has been diligent in covering potential breach avenues.

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