How a Red Cell ethical hacking assessment can assure vulnerability management

Many businesses might be hesitant towards the idea of allowing a team of professional computer hackers to penetrate their system.

Usually this sort of caution is an important part of ensuring security in an organisation, but when it comes to ethical hacking assessments it can be beneficial to have an open mind.

This is because a red cell ethical hacking assessment is one of the best ways to fully evaluate your security protocols and identify any potential entry points that are at risk of unauthorised access.

As red cell teams are thoroughly trained and experienced in both standard and unusual system access techniques, they can accurately simulate an attack from an actual cybercriminal.

One such technique is social engineering, one of the biggest threats presented by the modern age of online communication and information sharing.

Social engineering is the process of examining social media profiles such as Facebook and Twitter in an attempt to identify any confidential information which may have been leaked due to unintentional employee negligence.

By contracting a trained third party source to evaluate the risk that social engineering presents to your business, you can take the steps necessary to ensure those gaps are plugged and potential security threats are prevented.

Another technique commonly used to attack businesses is the process of 'phishing' through email and phone calls.

Essentially, this involves masquerading as a trustworthy entity in order to acquire private information such as usernames, passwords, and credit card details.

Phishing is a common technique utilised by cybercriminals and poses a serious threat to any business without correct security protocols in place.

By contracting a red cell assessment team you can identify how great a risk phishing is to your system and, in turn, incorporate the correct barriers necessary to ensure that threat is minimised.

Of course, a red cell assessment doesn't end there. Secure area bypass, alarm system avoidance, covert engineering, tailing, badge access testing, system exploitation and camera redirection are just a few more of the potential techniques utilised as part of this comprehensive security audit.

By evaluating your system in this manner, you can gain an essential tactical advantage over those that might seek to steal confidential information for unscrupulous means.

Furthermore, as red cell assessments are designed with modern business in mind, they can be undertaken without significant productivity loss or slowdowns – ensuring that your organisation can continue to function in an efficient manner.

Meanwhile you can rest assured in the knowledge that you are taking the correct steps toward ensuring vulnerability management and complete information security.

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