New survey to shed light on state of cybersecurity in Australia

A new survey conducted by the National Computer Emergency Response Team (CERT) will soon be shedding light on the state of vulnerability management and cybercrime in Australia.

Nearly 500 organisations from across the country will take part in the Cybercrime and Security Survey, sourced from industries ranging from finance, communications, energy, food and even the transport sector.

According to attorney-general Nicola Roxon, the survey will provide insight into the impact of cybercrime on Australian businesses as well as the wider economy.

"Cyber security is an important issue so I will be writing to CERT Australia’s stakeholders to request their contribution to the survey," said Ms Roxon on July 20.

"Cybercrime is a global problem but while international reports and experiences are informative they don’t provide a clear picture of what’s happening here."

"The survey will help Government and CERT Australia planning and in turn ensure all Australians can continue to safely and securely enjoy the benefits of the digital economy."

The survey results will be made available for public viewing upon completion, which is expected to be sometime in the next few months.

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