Alarming BYOD usage presents clear vulnerability management risk

When it comes to the new frontier of Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) technology, ensuring strong vulnerability management throughout your organisation may not be as simple as putting an IT security policy in place.

This is because according to the latest iPass Global Mobile Workforce Report, 24 per cent of employees who utilise BYOD in the workplace employ workarounds to bypass company security and IT departments in order to access corporate data.

The reason given for this activity varied from company IT being too slow, IT policies being too strict and IT being too much hassle to deal with.

Nearly 1,200 people from across the world were included in the study, which was conducted between June 19 and July 13 2012. The majority of respondents came from North America and Europe, although the Asia Pacific region was also strongly represented.

Another pressing concern identified by the survey is that many companies are not yet putting in place the correct level of security protocols when it comes to protecting confidential information on personal devices.

Only 74 per cent of respondents said that they were required to have security on their smartphone to access corporate data, while 12 per cent said that they could access corporate data without having security on their smartphone devices at all.

The survey also suggested that another valuable security measure is being underutilised by many organisations – remote wiping.

Remote wiping allows organisations to clear confidential information off a portable device should it be stolen, lost or otherwise compromised. 19 per cent of respondents said that their company did not have a remote wipe capability set up on their smartphone, while the equivalent number for tablet users was 10 per cent.

If you want to enhance the level of your BYOD plan and ensure the ongoing digital security of your organisation s confidential information, it might be wise to undergo a security audit

This way you can identify and evaluate the potential pitfalls in your security protocols and determine the best course of action going into the future.

According to iPass, it is important that organisations implement sufficient data security in order to prevent data loss, especially when it comes to BYOD devices.

reads the report in a section entitled Recommendations for IT.

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