Why digital security is as important as online security

Most retailers or organisations which deal with cash or confidential information understand the importance of having certain physical security procedures in place.

These can range from identity cards to security cameras or alarm systems, anything designed to deter and catch potential thieves and vandals in order to protect your business from external threats.

However in the modern business world, where companies are increasingly choosing to process financial transactions and store essential information digitally, online security has become just as important as physical security measures.

Criminals of the 2.0 era don't operate with a crowbar for smashing in windows or a hairpin for picking locks, they utilise advanced cyber tools and innovative tactics to reach their targets and cause significant damage to unwary businesses.

That is why measures such as penetration testing and ethical hacking assessments should be seen as just as important as having physical security precautions in place.

These evaluations can help you determine where the weak spot is in your system – the rusty lock or the open window, so to speak.

That way you can correct the situation as soon as possible and ensure that your vulnerability management procedures are up to scratch.

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