Why you should spring clean your security systems

Spring is just around the corner and many Australians will be looking forward to escaping the winter doldrums and heading off to the beach when the weekend rolls around.

Many people will also be using this season as a good time to undergo a thorough spring clean of their homes, and businesses would be wise to take note.

The month of September is a good time to undergo a security audit and conduct a thorough spring clean of your own internal security systems to ensure everything is up to scratch.

Because technology and the techniques being used by cybercriminals are constantly evolving in new and unexpected ways, it is important for organisations which take digital security seriously to regularly assess their current standard of vulnerability management.

Protocols that were sufficient a year or even six months ago may now be outdated, and could lead to an increased risk of unauthorised access to confidential information by digital vandals, protestors or thieves.

However through an external review, organisations can arm themselves with the relevant knowledge necessary to make changes and ensure any access points or backdoors are closed.

Businesses that wish to go the extra mile might even undergo a red cell ethical hacking assessment, in order to simulate a potential attack and determine any common or outside-the-box techniques which cyber criminals might utilise.

Spring cleaning your home is a good way to get organised and ready for summer, just like a review of security procedures is a good way for retailers and organisations to prepare for the often busy Christmas season.

So don t delay any longer, taking these important steps now will pay off in the long run and help avoid delays, media scrutiny, financial loss and other detrimental effects of poor digital security in the future.

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