13 per cent of home networks infected with malware during third quarter: Kindsight report

Kindsight has officially released its Security Labs Malware Report for the third quarter of 2012, and the results will be of interest to any organisation concerned about vulnerability management and the risk of cybercrime.

According to Kindsight, 13 per cent of all home networks showed signs of malware infection during the third quarter, with variations of the ZeroAccess botnet accounting for nearly 30 per cent of those.

Kindsight has estimated that there are around 685,000 households infected with the ZeroAccess botnet in the USA alone and more than 2.2 million households infected worldwide.

Mobile malware is also a problem of increasing magnitude, with Kindsight estimating that around 0.3 per cent of mobile devices showed signs of high-level threat infection during the third quarter.

While that number might appear low, Kindsight points out that a large number of phones are not malware targets, and that the number of malware infections detected on Android devices has increased by 165 per cent quarter-on-quarter.

Any organisation concerned about the danger of malware infection or looking to mitigate the risk of being affected by any other form of malicious software should consider undergoing regular security audit evaluations.

These comprehensive external reviews can ensure your business is up to scratch with cyber security best practices and allow you to discretely rectify any issues that may be putting your organisation and its client base at risk.

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