DoD deputy CIO emphasises need for constant cyber security

The deputy chief information officer of the US Department of Defence, Robert J. Carey, has reminded computer users that while October might be Cyber Security Awareness Month, it remains important to stay safe online all year round.

Speaking in a joint American Forces Press Service and Pentagon Channel interview, Mr Carey emphasised that everyone had an individual responsibility to help protect other internet users.

said Mr Carey on September 27.

For that reason, businesses looking to enhance their own vulnerability management need to ensure that everybody in the organization is doing their part and protecting their private information.

Innovative computer hackers have been known to extract personal information using techniques such as email phishing and social engineering, which can then be used to gain unauthorised access to secure systems.

Regular security audit evaluations are a good way of identifying the weak links in your cyber security protocols and determining where improvements need to be made in order to prevent a future security incident.

According to Mr Carey, good cyber security needs to be second nature for internet users operating in an increasingly digital world, and it is important to be mindful of the fact that information should only be transmitted to .

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