Google identifies, patches Chrome exploit after Pwnium 2 ethical hacking event

An ethical hacking competition has revealed an exploit in the Google Chrome browser, allowing the company to correct the vulnerability within ten hours of its discovery.

reads a blog post from Google software engineer Chris Evans dated October 10.

The Pwnium 2 competition which Mr Evans refers to was a follow up to an earlier event which took place at the CanSecWest security conference in March.

This latest Pwnium saw over $2 million worth of rewards on offer for any hacker able to demonstrate working exploits against the latest stable version of Google Chrome.

Mr Evans goes on to write that that the identified exploit qualified for Google s highest level award and as such received the full bounty of $60,000 as well as a free Chromebook for its discovery.

Ethical hacking has been a key part of Google s vulnerability management strategy for several years now, most notably in the Chromium Vulnerability Rewards Program.

In August, the company increased the amount of prize money set aside as part of this program in order to encourage the continued efforts of the community as exploits become harder to find.

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