New study reveals shift in attitudes towards security

A new study from Juniper and conducted by Forrester Consulting has found that a shift in attitude may be occurring, with many businesses planning to make security and vulnerability management a priority over the next 12 months.

In Building For the Next Billion: What The New World Of Business Means For The Network, 150 IT decision makers from organisations based in the US were asked the question

Just over half of respondents answered that they had worked towards significantly upgrading their security environment within the business.

That is in contrast to the answer given when the question was posed.

In that instance, 71 per cent of respondents said that upgrades to the current security environment were likely to be a priority, only slightly lower than the most popular answer given, which was to expand the utilisation of applications on portable devices.

Those results would seem to indicate that many IT decision makers are beginning to realise the importance of cyber security and protecting private information.

If your organisation is looking at making significant improvements to the security environment, you may want to consider undergoing a security audit evaluation which can help determine any potential holes which might be exploited by a cybercriminal.

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