Securus Global now a PA-DSS Assessor

Securus Global is now a certified PA-DSS Security Assessor.

We have PA-DSS Auditors in both our Sydney and Melbourne offices. For more information on the program or to have a chat about how we can help you, please contact Helen Teixeira or Steven Surdich in Sydney (02) 9283-0255 or Steve Darrall in Melbourne (03) 9620-9209.

PA-DSS applies to payment application software that is sold, distributed or licensed to third parties that store, process or transmit cardholder data as part of authorisation or settlement. Applications built and used only in-house are not subject to the PA-DSS, they still come under the PCI DSS Compliance Program.

In order to be validated against the PA-DSS, providers are required to maintain compliance to the PA-DSS requirements, be assessed by a PA-DSS QSA and submit a Report on Validation (ROV) and Attestation of Validation to the PCI Security Standards Council.

What PA DSS services does Securus Global provide?
Securus Global can assist you in achieving this validation and most importantly maintaining a listing on the PCI Security Standards Council list of sanctioned applications.

Securus Global can work with you on understanding the requirements, identifying your current state of compliance, minimising the impact of compliance on your business and ultimately working through the required audit process and providing the Report on Validation (ROV) and accompanying Attestation of Validation.

Securus Global as a reputable and thorough security testing provider can also assist with penetration testing, development of policies and standards as required by the PA-DSS, technical risk assessments, training, and PCI compliance security products.

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