DHS recommends hiring 600 additional cyber security experts

A Cyberskills Task Force Report released by the US Department of Homeland Security (DHS) earlier this month has emphasised the need for investment in vulnerability management experts.

According to the document – which is available for viewing on the DHS website – advanced technical skills will be necessary in order to respond and predict increasingly advanced cyber threats in the future.

reads the report.

However the DHS points out that identifying people with the skills to combat this threat is a dilemma, with professionals often being in high demand amongst both public and private sector employers.

Thus a list of 11 recommendations have been issued detailing how the number of adequately educated security professionals can be increased, whilst also positioning the DHS as a preferred place of work for these people.

One of those recommendations is to focus future cyber security hiring, training and development into building a team of around 600 experts within the DHS that are equipped with cyber security skills.

Amongst the roles needed to be filled include penetration testing experts, in-depth incident responders, threat analysts, risk assessment engineers and security engineers.

Secretary of Homeland Security Janet Napolitano met with the Homeland Security Advisory Council s Task Force on CyberSkills on October 2, where she was officially presented with the recommendations.

said Ms Napolitano.

Cyber security has been a topic of serious concern in the US recently, with President Obama declaring the month of October as National Cyber Security Awareness Month.

On October 4, National Security Agency director Keith Alexander spoke during the US Chamber of Commerce Cyber Security Summit in Washington DC, where he emphasised that the US would need to be a leader in the on going battle against digital crime.

said Mr Alexander.

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