Gartner predicts increased emphasis on cyber security, rise of the chief digital officer

Gartner is predicting that the changing world of IT investment and business technology will require organisations to increase their commitment towards cybersecurity and vulnerability management in the near future.

According to Gartner, organisations frequently looking to digitise critical segments of business will have to counter current cyber threats while also anticipating future threats in order to adequately defend themselves from things like .

said Gartner vice president and distinguished analyst David Willis in a statement released October 22.

Mr Willis went on to suggest that some organisations have already begun to rapidly increase emphasis on cyber security.

In the health care industry, for example, security budgets are being doubled or tripled in order to adequately prepare for the next evolution of the digital threat landscape.

The predictions are detailed in a new press release from Gartner which suggests that the growing importance of measured technological investment will soon lead to the creation of a new role within many organisations – the chief digital officer.

And this role will not only be constrained to larger companies or businesses with a particular reliance on IT. In fact Gartner predicts that by 2015, one quarter of all organisations will have employed a chief digital officer.

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