2012 PCI European Community Meeting concludes in Dublin, Ireland

The organisation behind the Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard (PCI DSS), the PCI Security Standards Council (PCI SSC), has met with financial leaders and security experts in Dublin, Ireland in order to discuss how European payment card security can be improved.

The 2012 PCI European Community Meeting ran from October 22 to 24, giving council members the chance to meet and network with other figures in their fields as well as provide feedback and undergo further training regarding PCI DSS compliance.

Speakers at the event included former commissioner of the Ireland police force and current chairman of the Irish Payment Services Organization Fachtna Murphy.

One of the big talking points was the PCI Special Interest Groups (SIGS), which are temporary task forces often assembled in order to help tackle certain technological challenges or address problems within a particular industry.

The individual projects pursued by SIGS are determined via yearly elections, which are voted on by participating organisations in the payment card industry.

The next set of elections is taking place between October 29 and November 9, with potential topics to be tackled by SIGS including "Cardholder Data Discovery", "External Penetration Testing", "Internal Scanning and Vulnerability Management" and "Best Practice for Maintaining PCI Compliance".

The winners of these elections will be announced towards the end of November 2012, and the SIGS will officially commence operations in January.

"This is an exciting time to be in Europe, and specifically here in Ireland, as we are seeing a greater awareness of data security issues and collaboration across industries to leverage new technologies like cloud computing in a secure manner," said PCI SSC European director Jeremy King in a statement issued October 26.

Mr King noted that the PCI SSC relied on the expertise of members from multiple industries in order to ensure global payment card security standards and best practices are kept up to date.

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