Make vulnerability management a New Year’s Resolution in 2013

With the silly season drawing to a close, many Australians are now returning to work refreshed and relaxed after a much deserved break and a period of festivity.

As we move into 2013, now might be a good time to step back and reassess the way your organisation is managing potential cyber security vulnerabilities, in order to ensure you are prepared to take on whatever digital challenges might present themselves in the new year.

Returning to work after some time off is great for garnering a new perspective on issues and viewing problems with a fresh set of eyes, so now is as good a time as any to conduct a proper review of cyber security protocols.

However if you are truly looking to ensure your organisation is doing its part to mitigate the threat of cybercrime and information loss, then it may be worthwhile investing in a third party assessment which can provide a thorough evaluation of your organisation's existing vulnerability management processes.

A comprehensive security audit is one of the best ways to determine where cyber security weak spots may be presenting themselves, allowing your organisation to efficiently and quietly correct these before they are potentially exploited.

To go one step further, you might even consider undergoing a comprehensive Red Cell ethical hacking assessment in 2013.

These ethical hacking assessments simulate a legitimate cyber security attack, with teams of trained professionals utilising the most current and realistic hacking techniques in order to gain access to your system.

This includes everything from social engineering – which involves manipulating employees into giving up personal information – to phishing emails, tailing, system exploitation and even camera redirection.

The result is that your organisation is able to determine how any legitimate cyber criminal might gain access to your system, without the risk of downtime or productivity loss occurring along the way.

Remember that a New Year's resolution needn't only concern your personal life, as these objectives can also be business related resolutions as well.

With the growth of technology and the ever increasing prevalence of cyber crime, now is a good time to set a resolution to get your organisation's cyber security and vulnerability management on track before it's too late.

That way, you can do your part to ensure your employees, stakeholders and customers have a safe and secure 2013.

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