ACT launches new mobile application security awareness initiative

The US-based Association for Competitive Technology (ACT) has launched a new initiative aimed at reminding mobile application developers about the importance of ensuring the safety and privacy of consumer information.

According to ACT executive director Morgan Reed, ACT 4 Apps has been created with the intention of educating developers, while at the same time providing essential tools and resources which will help them build trust with consumers while growing as organisations as well.

"As an association of developers for developers, ACT possesses the firsthand expertise necessary to meet the challenges app makers face,” said Mr Reed.

A number of high profile organisations have already added their support to the ACT 4 Apps campaign, including Apple, Facebook, Microsoft and PayPal.

The campaign is an important reminder of how essential it is that developers design their applications with safety in mind, and highlights the value of undergoing rigorous mobile application security testing evaluations.

Several special events across the USA have been planned by the ACT to help promote the application safety message, including educational boot camps featuring presentations by government officials and privacy security experts.

The ACT – which promotes itself as a grassroots advocacy and education organization – is also supporting the development of an App Privacy Dashboard platform, which consumers will be able to download to their mobile phones in order to access important information about the way applications are managing their personal data.

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