Post-holiday slowdown no reason to let PCI DSS compliance slip

With the Christmas holiday shopping rush having come to an end, some retailers may be tempted to allow themselves to relax slightly in the New Year when it comes to vulnerability management and ensuring the safety of consumer information.

However this is a critical mistake, as it is important to remember that adherence with the Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard (PCI DSS) is mandatory all year round for any retailer who accepts credit or debit card information.

This is because increasingly sophisticated cyber criminals can look to target potential victims at any time of the year, and it is therefore necessary to ensure that the relevant steps are being taken to protect the personal data of customers.

The best way to ensure you are adhering to the PCI DSS and not leaving your organisation open to exploitation is by contacting an external third party who can help determine where compliance issues may be presenting themselves.

PCI DSS compliance is not a one size fits all solution, and different sized retailers will have different requirements based on the amount of information they are storing and the various methods of security they are employing.

For that reason, it is worth your while to bring in an outside expert who can bring a fresh perspective to your cyber security protocols and ensure everything is up to scratch.

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