Gartner expert offers advice on avoiding cyber attacks

Gartner research director Lawrence Pingree has offered some advice for businesses looking to improve vulnerability management and mitigate the risk of being targeted by a coordinated cyber-attack.

In a blog post dated January 31, Mr Pingree notes that while a number of recent high profile cyber security incidents have been attributed to the actions of nation states, it is actually financially motivated attackers who tend to pose the most sophisticated and advanced targeted threat.

He suggests that any businesses concerned about the threat of advanced targeted attacks (ATAs) ensure they take a strategic approach towards combating the most common and frequent attack scenarios.

This includes basic security measures such as closing off any vulnerabilities that might be exploited by cyber criminals, as well as restricting employee administrative access in order to mitigate the threat of being impacted by social engineering attacks.

He also notes that businesses need to be aware that not all threats can be prevented, meaning that organisations also need to focus on incident response and ensuring any threats are detected and resolved as soon as possible.

"Organizations must continue to set the security bar higher, reaching beyond many of the existing security and compliance mandates in order to either prevent or detect these newly emergent attacks and persistent penetration strategies," writes Mr Pingree.

If your enterprise is looking to put together a comprehensive and thorough cyber security strategy, it might be also worthwhile undertaking a comprehensive third security audit assessment, on top of the techniques cited by Mr Pingree.

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