More Australians using smartphones for mobile banking

More Australians than ever are turning away from their computers and laptops and instead pulling out their smartphones when it comes time to perform online banking tasks.

That's according to new statistics from Roy Morgan, which confirm that mobile devices are quickly becoming the preferred weapon of choice when it comes to transferring money and making digital payments.

The research firm found that 20.3 per cent of Australians now use their phones to conduct online banking transactions, up from 17.1 per cent just 12 months ago.

Meanwhile the number of Australians doing their online banking via the computer is down to 49.3 per cent, from 55.2 per cent in January 2012.

Roy Morgan Research mobile, internet and technology industry director Andrew Braun says that the results are an indication of how the increasing power of smartphones is causing computers to become less popular for performing everyday tasks.

"Where internet banking gave people the convenience of banking at home, smartphones now give them the convenience of banking anywhere," explained Mr Braun in a statement issued February 8.

"To understand the shift to mobile, businesses need to be aware of the capabilities and rates of consumer uptake of different devices and the levels of demand for mobile applications across target markets and industries."

For financial organisations, retailers and other enterprises looking to capitalise on the movement towards mobile technology, now is the time to ensure your applications are secure and ready to be used safely.

The best way to do this is through a comprehensive mobile application security evaluation, which involves extensive penetration testing techniques being utilised to determine where any potential vulnerabilities and exploits may be presenting themselves.

By ensuring your mobile applications are reliable and secure, you can help preserve the privacy and safety of your customers whilst ensuring the reputation of your organisation is maintained.

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