Jeep becomes second victim of Twitter hackers

Chrysler-owned car manufacturer Jeep has become the second globally recognised organisation in two days to have its Twitter feed hacked, in news that further highlights the value of comprehensive vulnerability management.

Yesterday, the Twitter account of fast food chain Burger King was defaced by hackers from the cyber protest group Anonymous, who hijacked the account in order to suggest the brand had been purchased by rival restaurant franchise, McDonalds.

And this morning the same hacking group has taken credit for an incident which saw the Jeep profile updated with an announcement that the brand had been sold to a General Motors company, Cadillac.

Several offensive messages were also posted to the profile, with the Anonymous group once again claiming credit for the hacking via their official Twitter profile @YourAnonNews.

"Dear media, re: @Jeep. #BlameAnonymous," reads a message posted by @YourAnonNews on February 19.

The Jeep profile has since been restored to normal with all the unusual messages removed; however as with the Burger King hacking many users were able to capture screenshots of the incident before the profile could be taken down.

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