Evernote becomes latest victim of cyber hackers

Note-taking and archiving service Evernote has become the latest organisation to report a security breach, in news that should be of concern to any organisation interested in vulnerability management.

In a security notice published March 2, the website confirmed that the Evernote Operations & Security team had identified "suspicious activity" on the Evernote network, and had thus implemented a password reset in order to protect user data.

Users on the Evernote website are able to store a variety of items with their account, including pieces of text, archived web pages and photographs.

There is both a free and premium "business" service available, with business users paying an additional monthly fee for greater online storage space, amongst other perks.

While Evernote has discovered no evidence to show that payment information belonging to Evernote premium users was accessed, it is believed that the hackers were able to gain access to username, email addresses and encrypted passwords.

"While our password encryption measures are robust, we are taking additional steps to ensure that your personal data remains secure. This means that, in an abundance of caution, we are requiring all users to reset their Evernote account passwords," reads the security notice.

The attack follows what has already been a busy start to the year for cyber security news. Last month, a string of high profile attacks related to a vulnerability in the Java software affected organisations such as Apple and Facebook.

If your organisation is concerned about cyber security and the risk of being impacted by a security incident, now may be the time to invest in penetration testing evaluations, which can identify potential access point and security faults before they are exploited by malicious hackers.

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