Microsoft to patch four ‘critical’ vulnerabilities

Microsoft has announced that it was be releasing patches for four 'critical' vulnerabilities on March 12 as part of its traditional Patch Tuesday security update.

Altogether the technology company will release seven fixes in total, for software including the Microsoft Windows operating system, the Internet Explorer web browser and the Microsoft Office suite.

Patches that are marked as 'critical' are those which are released in order to correct a vulnerability that could potentially allow code execution without user interaction.

According to Microsoft, this includes self-propagating malware, and scenarios where code execution might occur without the user being first offered a warning or prompt of some kind.

Microsoft regularly releases updates for these and other less serious vulnerabilities on 'Patch Tuesday' – which typically occurs on the second Tuesday of each month.

Because cyber criminals are constantly on the lookout for new and innovative ways to target unsuspecting users, Patch Tuesday releases are an important part of ensuring both commercial and private users are achieving maximal vulnerability management.

This release may serve as a reminder to organisations in Australia that cybersecurity is an ongoing process, and not merely a one-and-done situation.

Protecting your enterprise from modern cybersecurity threats requires constant vigilance and regular security audit evaluations.

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