Australia warned of phishing emails

Australia Post and Westpac have warned customers to be wary about official-looking online communications, after both organisations received reports of phishing emails this week.

In a statement released March 13, Australia Post confirmed that emails purporting to be from the Postal Corporation under the title 'Receive Free Gift' have been sent to customers.

The emails reportedly contained a link to a phishing website, which when clicked could potentially leave users vulnerable to a malware or virus infection.

Other emails with the title 'Track Advice Notification: Consignment XXXXXXXXX' have also been reported, with these containing PDF files that have possibly been infected with a virus.

"We have been notified of a number of fraudulent emails being sent to customers, claiming to be from Australia Post," reads the statement.

"If you receive one of the [emails] in your inbox, please delete it immediately."

Meanwhile, enterprise cloud security solutions provider Mailguard has reported "a torrent of malware laden emails", which are being delivered under a WestPac address.

According to Fairfax Media, the emails are being sent from the address '', under the title 'Westpac Secure Email Notification'.

Mailguard is warning that a "vast amount" of customers not with MailGuard may have been affected, and that it is likely that desktop anti-virus programs may have failed to pick up on the threat.

Businesses concerned about vulnerability management may want to warn employees about these two respective threats, as phishing emails are a common source of malware or virus infection.

Phishing emails are an example of social engineering – in the sense that they manipulate people into unsafe online behaviour in order to gather information or infect a system.

If you would like to evaluate your enterprise's ability to combat the threat of phishing emails and other such cyberattacks it might be worthwhile investing in a Red Cell ethical hacking evaluation.

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