Obama proposes increase in cyber security spending

Earlier this month, it was announced that president Obama's latest edition of the US budget will propose increasing spending on cyber security to US$4.7 billion (AUS$4.48 billion).

According to a Reuters article published April 10, that is an increase of around US$800 million over current Defense Department cyber security spending levels.

Some of that money will go towards expanding the US's current 'Cyber Command' – a highly trained team of ethical hackers who will work to protect the countries digital resources.

Much of the exact specifications of the budget allocation remain classified however.

The news comes less than a month after it was revealed that cyber security is now considered above international terrorism as one of the most serious threats facing the United States today.

Director of national intelligence James Clapper conducted a meeting with the Senate Intelligence Committee on March 12 in which he explained the scope of current cyber threats.

"In some cases, the world is applying digital technologies faster than our ability to understand the security implications and mitigate potential risks," said Mr Clapper.

Organisations in Australia that are concerned about cyber security and vulnerability management may also want to increase their own spending in this department.

A security audit evaluation is one example of an excellent investment which can ensure that your enterprise is protected from the latest and most innovative cyber security threats.

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