Companies see potential in self-detonating data

Following in the footsteps of popular photo-messaging app Snapchat, businesses are exploring the potential of self-destructing data as a security tool.

With Snapchat, users on Android and iOS devices can send images that then self-destruct after ten seconds, with the pictures being deleted from both the devices and the Snapchat servers.

According to a new article in Computerworld, it is this very principle which is intriguing companies, particularly those who need to conduct secure online transactions with other business partners.

Chicago-based business owner Marc McDonald has recently started using a similar software for his company Midland Metal Products.

"It puts controls on what people see, and I can put expiration dates on sensitive documents," Mr McDonald said in an interview published May 2 on Computerworld.

While the self-detonating data trend may become a buzzword in business circles in the future, there are several measures your organisation can take right now to strengthen the security of your ICT networks.

Regular penetration testing can help to identify any flaws that may be present in your company's security policy, and a trusted security solutions provider can then work with you to develop a sufficient vulnerability management plan to ensure these flaws are not exploited.

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