DrDoS attacks growing

Printers, routers and other internet devices are being hacked by cyber criminals in order to orchestrate Distributed Reflection and Amplification Denial of Service (DrDoS) attacks, which have grown increasingly numerous.

The information comes from a new white paper released by Prolexic, which states that as the number of vulnerable network appliances and servers has increased, so too has the number of DrDoS attacks.

DrDoS attacks aim to corrupt IP-based network devices such as cameras, printers, routers, hubs, sensors and others.

These attacks can have devastating effects for targeted businesses, as cyber criminals use these devices to exploit weaknesses in standard network protocols.

"Protocol reflection attacks are a serious problem," Prolexic president Stuart Scholly said in an April 30 statement.

"System administrators can help protect their organisation and the internet community by taking steps to avoid participating in these types of DrDoS attacks."

Enlisting a security solutions provider to perform a security audit on your company can help to strengthen the security policies around ICT networks.

Measures such as penetration testing and ethical hacking will help ensure that any flaws in your security framework are identified and resolved before they can be exploited by unauthorised individuals.

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