New game imitates the process of hacking

A new game from a leading security researcher has turned the hacking process into an entertainment product.

Researcher and creator of p0wnlabs Jeff Bryner unveiled his 'Kinectasploit' game at a recent hacking convention in Las Vegas called DEF CON 20.

The game mixes the gaming motion-sensor from Microsoft's Kinect with hacking tools such as Metasploit and the Blender 3D environment toolkit, allowing players to use their body gestures to break wireless networks, launch web attacks and other forms of hacking in the process of playing the game.

Full body motion is used to navigate through the game, and there's even a virtual "Twitter room" players can walk into to kill time between scans and analyses of the 'stolen' data.

The game may serve as a timely reminder to organisations of the importance of vulnerability management.

While Kinectasploit is intended for entertainment, there are cyber criminals out there who will happily take advantage of real flaws in an enterprise's ICT networks, which can have lasting damaging effects.

Utilising ethical hacking procedures from a trusted security provider can ensure that your security policies are up to date and as robust as possible, helping to prevent the possibility of a real cyber attack in the future.

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