62.5 per cent of SMBs have suffered a cyber attack

A new study has found that 62.5 per cent of small to medium sized businesses have been the victim of a cyber attack in the last year, in news which may encourage Australian organisations to step up their vulnerability management practices.

Over half of Australian SMBs impacted in this way (51.5 per cent) also said that their infrastructure had been attacked at least three or more times during the same period.

The results come from a new survey commissioned by McAfee titled 'The State of Cybersecurity in Australian SMBs', which was conducted during April.

According to the survey, 25 per cent of "technology decision makers" are not confident about the level of protection their organisation has against electronic threats.

In addition to this, 46 per cent of Australian SMBs say they suffered a breach in security or a data loss due to the efforts of current or former employees during the last 12 months.

"Our research is a wakeup call for SMBs indicating that it's not just the larger companies out there which are targeted by cyber-attacks, but smaller companies with a limited investment in infrastructure as well," said Robbie Upcroft, SMB lead at McAfee Asia Pacific, in a May 29 statement.

"Whether SMBs need education on the kind of threats to their business that are out there, or whether it's something even more practical, such as a Managed Service Provider taking over their security operations, the sector appears to need all the help it can get."

If your company is currently employing a bring your own device or BYOD strategy, it may be prudent to organise a thorough security audit for this as well.

The survey found that 78 per cent of Australian SMBs now have BYOD policies in the workplace, but 56 per cent say that employees don't have any form of antivirus or Mobile Device Management (MDM) installed on these devices.

Implementing a BYOD policy without taking the adequate steps to ensure ICT security can be a dangerous move, with Mr Upcroft stating that this may lead to a larger than anticipated cost for unprepared companies.

If you are concerned about your own organisation's ability to mitigate a cyber attack, it may be the perfect opportunity to consider undergoing penetration testing from a trusted security solutions provider.

Securus Global are highly experienced and extremely professional, and have helped numerous Australian organisations improve their security practices.

Using methods such as security testing and even ethical hacking, they can assess your organisation for any vulnerabilities and help you address these before they are exploited by others.

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