New study to assess attitudes towards privacy

A study is underway that will assess people's views and attitudes towards privacy, which will be carried out on behalf of the Office of the Australian Information Commissioner (OAIC).

Wallis Strategic Market and Social Research have been tasked with asking 1,000 people questions relating to how they believe their privacy is being dealt with.

Results are expected to be published later this year and will be used by the OAIC to take a look at the latest trends and developments, as well as how people's attitudes have changed towards privacy.

Australian privacy commissioner Timothy Pilgrim explained that the trends will be compared to results from previous surveys, which may be used to determine how vulnerability management may be addressed in the future.

He continued: "This is a great opportunity to share de-identified data with the Australian community, and we are looking forward to seeing what use will be made of this information.

"This research will be very helpful to government, business and individuals as they prepare for changes to privacy laws due to commence in March 2014."

Mr Pilgrim also noted that the government will have a better idea of what people's biggest concerns are when it comes to their personal privacy.

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