Jay Z app affected by Android Trojan

An exclusive app launched by rapper Jay Z to promote the launch of his new album has been affected by an Android Trojan, McAfee reveals.

The app was created exclusively for Samsung devices and available through Google Play to promote the release of Magna Carta Holy Grail.

However, its mobile application security has been jeopardised – despite appearing the same as the genuine app, the affected version has the potential to put personal data at risk.

Malware is able to send information relating to the infected device to an external server each time the phone restarts, before trying to download and install extra packages.

The only indication many people had that their technology had been infected was that on July 4, the malware replaced the wallpaper on their device with an image of President Obama.

It also included a number of altered comments relating to recent events in the USA, such as the much-publicised Prism scandal.

McAfee has warned mobile users to always make sure they download apps from reputable sources and to check their security credentials, as this can help minimise the number of attacks.

Keeping security products updated is also another effective form of defence.

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