Data security helps shape new ADMA code

Privacy concerns are one of the factors that have been taken into account when developing a new code of practice for data-driven advertising.

ADMA – or the Association for Data-Driven Marketing and Advertising – first produced the code in 1999, but recently decided it was due for an upgrade.

Jodie Sangster, chief executive officer of the group, explained that the industry has moved on over the past decade and so regulations need to be amended accordingly.

"It must address the challenges arising from the many new and varied channels marketers are using to reach out to customers, such as social media, mobile devices, apps, SMS, word of mouth and location-based mobile," she commented.

Ms Sangster emphasised that it is now the case that virtually all advertising and marketing is driven by data to some extent, so the need to keep information secure is greater than ever.

ADMA acknowledged that the volume of data is growing at an exponential rate, which in turn gives rise to new privacy and data security challenges that the revised code will aim to address.

Marketers throughout the country may need to carry out a security audit to determine whether or not their current procedures are up to the task.

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