Google unveils patch for Android security flaw

Android users will now be able to download a patch to protect their devices after concerns were recently raised over security.

It was estimated that as many as 900 million Android devices may have been left open to hackers, which equates to around 99 per cent of those currently in circulation.

The security flaw has been around at least since Android 1.6 was released, meaning it could affect any device purchased within the past four years.

Google became aware of the threat to mobile application security earlier this year and has been working on a patch ever since.

The vulnerability means that any genuine application can be changed into a malicious Trojan, therefore granting access to the Android system and all other apps.

Individual manufacturers will be responsible for rolling out this latest update, with reports suggesting that Samsung already has this process underway.

Speaking to ZDNet, Google's Android communications manager Gina Scigliano, noted that there has so far been no implication that Google Play or any other app store has been compromised.

"Google Play scans for this issue – and Verify Apps provides protection for Android users who download apps to their devices outside of Play," she commented.

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