Organisations ‘must be prepared’ for DoS attacks

There has been a rise in the number of denial of service (DoS) attacks being carried out over recent years, so organisations need to take steps to protect themselves.

This is according to Ron Meyran, Radware's director of security solutions, who said that businesses must invest in equipment to detect application attacks before they are able to cause too much damage.

Although service providers will be responsible for providing some level of protection, having equipment on-site will give companies the opportunity to manage whatever is going on, he told Search Security.

Mr Meyran believes that the number of DoS attacks has at least doubled over the past year, highlighting the need to carry out penetration testing.

Although this rise may seem significant, organisations are now becoming aware that slowdowns in their systems are actually attacks, which may encourage them to take action.

Cyber criminals generally go in search of weaknesses such as open ports and remote maintenance – although their main area of concern is whether there are any software bugs that can be exploited.

A recent report from McAfee identified that cybercrime is costing the global economy around US$500 billion (AU$545 billion) every year, including the loss of intellectual property.

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