Google Chrome password flaw discovered

Questions have been raised over the security of passwords stored on Google Chrome, following a chance discovery by a software developer.

Elliott Kember was attempting to import bookmarks from Safari to Google Chrome, when he found that saved passwords needed to be imported from one browser to another.

This is something he described as "particularly odd" – after switching to the 'saved passwords' area on Google Chrome, he saw that there was the option to click a 'show' button.

Passwords could therefore be viewed by anyone accessing the system. Kember explained in his blog post: "There's no master password, no security, not even a prompt that 'these passwords are visible'."

This led him to claim that Google is not being upfront when it comes to password security, which could put people's personal details under threat.

With millions of people saving their passwords on Chrome every day, the software developer suggested that a security audit may need to take place to determine where changes need to be made.

Kember highlighted that there are two different approaches to how Google Chrome works – the developer's and the user's.

"Both roles have vastly different opinions as to how the computer works," he noted, urging Google to address this apparent lapse in security.

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