Security concerns ‘prevent enterprise app deployment’

Chief information officers (CIOs) in the US and UK are hesitant about deploying enterprise applications due to concerns over their security, a report has found.

Despite 87 per cent of CIOs saying that their employees want greater access to enterprise data and applications, many are too worried about mobile application security to take the leap, Mobile Helix found.

The company's co-founder Matt Bancroft emphasised that CIOs recognise the benefits of empowering their employees and helping to make them more productive.

He continued: "Only a small proportion of enterprise apps and critical data are currently mobilised. Why aren't more enterprise apps available on any device?

"We all want apps and data to be available to employees when they need them using the tools that are available at that time."

Mr Bancroft highlighted that companies are likely to find that they already have the infrastructure and skills in place to deliver these apps in a cost-effective way, while also ensuring enterprise-grade security.

Every device platform has a HTML5-compliant engine, the expert argued, which can be used in corporate IT to construct a unified applications platform that extends across all devices without compromising security or performance.

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