China reports ‘biggest ever’ cyber attack

China has revealed details of what it is billing as the biggest cyber attack ever to hit the country.

There is still no information on who might have been responsible for the breach, which involved a distributed denial of service attack aimed at servers with .cn domain name sites.

The China Internet Network Information Centre has released limited information on the incident, which meant that many websites were offline over the weekend.

By Monday, the majority of websites were back up and running as normal, leading authorities to carry out processes such as penetration testing to see how the attack was able to occur.

Speaking to the Wall Street Journal, which first reported the incident, CloudFlare chief executive Matthew Prince revealed that Chinese domains experienced a 32 per cent drop in traffic at the time the problem occurred.

He noted: "I don't know how big the 'pipes' of .cn are, but it is not necessarily correct to infer that the attacker in this case had a significant amount of technical sophistication or resources.

"It may have well have been a single individual."

The motives for the attack are also still a mystery as further investigations are carried out.

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