Syrian hackers warn of further attacks

A group of hackers who are believed to have been behind recent attacks on media sources such as The New York Times have warned that their work is not over yet.

The Syrian Electronic Army was interviewed via email by the BBC, which said that there were "many surprises" still in store.

Penetration testing and other means of increasing security are likely to be underway at vulnerable sites as they wait anxiously for where the next attack might be.

The group was also behind a recent attack on Twitter, which caused major disruption at the micro blogging site.

The spokesperson confirmed: "Our goal was to deliver our anti-war message on NY Times website – but our server couldn't last for three minutes.

"The Twitter attack was because of the suspension of our accounts on Twitter by its management. We succeeded in our attack as we expected."

Outages at the New York Times meant that visitors to the publication's website were unable to access content – workers were also warned to be extra vigilant when sending out emails.

The company's domain name registrar Melbourne IT was subject to the attack, which left the website offline on two occasions last week.

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