BYOD trend ‘creates mobile application security risks’

Chief information officers will have to give greater consideration to mobile application security as the bring your own device (BYOD) trend gathers momentum, an expert warns.

Tom Suder, president of Mobilegov, highlighted that as new apps are adopted, a whole host of new security challenges start to arise.

In an online presentation seen by CIO Magazine, he emphasised that the focus has shifted away from mobile device management and towards more devices being authorised on a network.

Mr Suder believes that there are some "real good mission apps" in production, which in turn will help organisations increase their efficiency and encourage people to do their jobs better.

"I do think that we need to balance that with security, and there hasn't been too many enterprise mobility apps out there, so I think this is definitely an area we need to be paying attention to," the expert commented.

This follows similar views from Glen Gooding, IBM Institute for Advanced Security director, who told ZDNet in recent weeks that BYOD policies should lead businesses to reassess their current security processes.

He noted that many companies are currently in a state of flux, as they migrate existing security policies that may have formed a part of their organisation for many years.

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