Retailers urged to provide secure experience to customers

There is growing pressure on retailers to provide their customers with a secure experience whenever they carry out a transaction, results of a survey show.

Carried out by McAfee and the IHL Group, the poll discovered that for some retailers, keeping up with the latest security trends can be difficult, especially as the number of devices that they are dealing with increases.

Tom Moore, vice-president of worldwide embedded sales at McAfee, stressed that the retail landscape has undergone many changes over the years, which includes the introduction of the payment card industry data security standard.

However, one element that has remained constant is the need to give customers the speed and convenience that they demand.

Mr Moore continued: "Data breaches are not new to this industry, but the expanded footprint of systems like kiosks and digital signs to the mix is adding complexity to the environment.

"This research validates that the security concern is real and that retailers need to provide a secure experience for their customers."

Point of sale manufacturers are therefore encouraged to step up to the mark by relieving some of the burden from retailers by helping to address the security challenge.

Of the organisations polled, 31 per cent said they would be including whitelisting in their security strategy for point of sale systems, showing that retailers are taking their data protection strategies seriously.

This follows other recent research from McAfee, which established that Android-based malware has increased significantly over recent months.

The McAfee Threats Report: Second Quarter 2013 said that malware achieved growth in this three-month period not seen since early last year, which was spurred on by SMS-stealing banking malware.

Fraudulent dating and entertainment apps also grew in popularity, as did malicious apps posing as useful tools, showing that cyber criminals are increasing the sophistication of attacks.

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