Facebook privacy policy being fine-tuned

Facebook is expected to unveil its new privacy policy later this week, after several objections were raised to the initial version.

Six privacy groups voiced their objections, which were sent to the US Federal Trade Commission – they claimed that the alterations violate a settlement on user privacy.

A statement from the social networking site said: "We are taking the time to ensure that user comments are reviewed and taken into consideration to determine whether further updates are necessary and we expect to finalise the process in the coming week."

A number of revisions have already been made, such as changes to how personal information might be used in conjunction with ads or commercial content.

One of the main areas of contention at the moment is a feature that would enable Facebook to analyse users' profile pictures, which has so far received various complaints.

From March next year, Australian websites will be required to offer a clear and simple explanation of their privacy policy on their website, so consumers have a better understanding of how their data might be used.

This is the latest step in ensuring that vulnerability management remains a concern for businesses, as part of the Australian Privacy Principles.

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