Hiring – Penetration Tester Roles

LOCATION: Sydney and Melbourne

VISA: Must currently have permission to work full time in Australia
NB: All successful applicants will need to successfully pass criminal history and background checks

SALARY: Dependent upon successful applicant (plus over 6 weeks leave per year).

Securus Global is currently looking for an experienced web application penetration tester to join our team – based in either Sydney or Melbourne. This is a challenging and varied role with predominantly project-based, hands-on engagements that include, but are not limited to:

  • Web application penetration testing
  • Network vulnerability assessment
  • Application source code review
  • Application reverse engineering

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Hiring – Business Development Manager

TITLE: Client Relationship / Business Development Manager – Securus Global

LOCATION: Sydney, Australia

SALARY: Dependent upon successful applicant (plus over 6 weeks leave per year).


This year marked 10 years that Securus Global has been in business. From the outset, we started competing with large global companies and we did so with a vision to raise the bar and expectations on what security consultancies should be providing businesses. We believe we have done this and made them raise their game to compete with us.

We have never had a full-time Business Development Manager in all this time – our work, through reputation, word of mouth and strong client relationships has seen Securus Global grow to become one of Australia’s most respected security consulting businesses. So why change now?

The person we are looking for is someone who has the following key attributes:

  • An established network of contacts relevant to Securus Global and our services
  • Can grow new relationships and further business in our existing client bases
  • Be viewed by our clients as a trusted adviser, not just another sales person


The following are the key mandatory skill and experience requirements for the role. Please only serious applicants who can fulfill this selection criteria.

  • Demonstrable success in information security product and/or service sales
  • A passion for Information Security (you actively follow and/or participate in the industry)
  • Excellent communication skills (oral and written)
  • An ability to work unsupervised and in a team environment
  • High personal standards and expectations of quality and high results
  • High personal ethical standards
  • Australian citizenship or permanent residency

Securus Global is a dynamic organisation that requires each and every person to step up to the plate. We have a strong reputation for excellence in delivery and expect quality in all we do. You will not get lost in the crowd here and you will have opportunities for growth that are only limited by yourself.

Sell yourself to us in plain text to: jobs@securusglobal.com

No recruiters please. We have a PSL that we’re currently working with and are not looking to add to it at this time. If we receive unsolicited CVs other than directly from a candidate, we reserve the right to contact the candidate directly and initiate discussions without payment of any agency fee.

June 2013 Newsletter

Check out our latest Securus newsletter to see what’s been happening in the security sphere. From mandatory disclosure of data breaches, to vulnerability management, a review of penetration testing to changes in the PCI standards, in this issue, there is something of interest for everyone!


Password Cracking Service

Securus Global is pleased to announce that we are now able to offer an offline password cracking service to our clients.

Not sure if you need this or what the benefits would be? (Maybe you haven’t heard of this before as a dedicated service?)

Using a dedicated, custom-specification and secure (offline) system we are able to offer you a very focused analysis of how your actual password security stacks up against defined password policies.

While penetration testing can help our clients in understanding the security posture of particular environments or applications, these projects often target only a small components of an organisation’s entire IT estate. Also, as a result of commercial realities, penetration tests are generally limited to a particular time window or amount of effort. The downside of this approach is that clients don’t get to answer some of the “what would happen if…” questions? In particular what would happen if an attacker with more time and effort allocated to penetration tests were to gain leverage inside the corporate environment. Securus Global’s new offline password cracking service is designed to answer this question.




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Quick Reference Guide: 6 Step Data Privacy Protection Plan:
This Reference Guide – from a recent email campaign – summarizes the risks related to protecting Personally Identifiable Information (PII), along with 6 steps customers can take to automate data privacy and protect sensitive information. An illustration maps our Database Security Products to each step.

Assessing the Effectiveness of Antivirus Solutions HII Report
How good is antivirus? Imperva collected and analyzed more than 80 previously non-cataloged viruses against more than 40 antivirus solutions. Imperva found that less than 5% of anti-virus solutions in the study were able to initially detect previously non-cataloged viruses. Click here to download Assessing the Effectiveness of Antivirus Solutions HII Report.