Firms believe privacy activities are ‘inadequate’

Many organisations acknowledge that their privacy activities are inadequate and that they have worsened over the past two years, a survey shows.

More than a third (43 per cent) of organisations polled by Gartner have a comprehensive privacy management program in place, while seven per cent admitted to doing the bare minimum to meet their legal requirements.

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Companies allowing BYOD ‘lack security policies’

As the bring your own device (BYOD) trend gathers momentum, companies are not protecting themselves by putting security policies in place, research shows.

As many as a quarter of manufacturing organisations based in the UK were shown to be allowing the use of personal devices on company networks, without the presence of formal policies, Intrinsic Technology found earlier this month.

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LinkedIn raises concerns over US gov’t data requests

Professional networking site LinkedIn has questioned the US government's motivations by not allowing websites to publish the number of security-related data requests they have received.

Releasing its latest transparency report for the first half of the year, the site acknowledged that all other government requests for member data from all over the world are covered by the study.

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Retailers urged to provide secure experience to customers

There is growing pressure on retailers to provide their customers with a secure experience whenever they carry out a transaction, results of a survey show.

Carried out by McAfee and the IHL Group, the poll discovered that for some retailers, keeping up with the latest security trends can be difficult, especially as the number of devices that they are dealing with increases.

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Public consultation launched on Australian Privacy Principles

The Australian Privacy Principles, due to come into force in March next year, have officially been released for public consultation.

Australian information commissioner John McMillan and privacy commissioner Timothy Pilgrim launched the consultation, which relates to new laws encouraging greater transparency in the management of personal information.

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