Google Glass QR codes vulnerable to attack?

A security vulnerability has been detected in Google Glass – more specifically the QR codes that are used to give the system instructions.

Lookout, a security technology firm, found that it could create malicious QR codes, which when seen by a Google Glass user, could encourage the system to connect to a hostile WiFi access point controlled by hackers.

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Hackers ‘can infiltrate’ emergency broadcasts

Those in charge of the United States Emergency Alert System (EAS) have been forced to reassess their vulnerability management, after it emerged that hackers could infiltrate the technology.

The EAS was introduced back in 1997 and gives the President of the United States the ability to address the nation within ten minutes of a disaster occurring.

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ACMA: Cloud services raise security concerns

As many as 71 per cent of Australians are currently using a cloud service, leading many to express concerns about the security of their data, a new paper has found.

The research, entitled ‘The cloud: services, computing and digital data – emerging issues in media and communications’, showed that people are unsure about how their information is being managed and protected.

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