Payment security ranks highly among consumers

Customers are becoming increasingly aware of how their personal data is being dealt with when they provide payment details over the phone, a new study has found.

Compiled by Syntec Telecom, the survey highlighted the need for PCI compliance as just one per cent of consumers believe the most secure means of making a payment is through call centre agents.

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Android app source codes ‘vulnerable to attack’

Android users need to give their mobile application security plenty of consideration, as figures show that just one per cent of apps have properly protected source codes.

As a result, this means that 99 per cent of apps are vulnerable to security threats, potentially putting employee information, credit card numbers and social security data at risk, the Android Mobile Security Index shows.

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Experts push for stronger encryption standards

A number of security experts have called for stronger encryption standards after claims that the National Security Agency (NSA) and GCHQ were able to access certain encrypted files.

Reports published in the New York Times and The Guardian said that both agencies were involved in attempts to break encryption codes used to keep private information under guard.

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