Some systems ‘remain vulnerable for 3 years’ following attack

Companies that have been subject to an attack could wrongly believe that their systems are secure, when in fact they are still vulnerable to malicious activity.

This is according to a new report from experts at Kaspersky Lab and Outpost 24, who carried out a security audit on a variety of European organisations.

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Experts push for stronger encryption standards

A number of security experts have called for stronger encryption standards after claims that the National Security Agency (NSA) and GCHQ were able to access certain encrypted files.

Reports published in the New York Times and The Guardian said that both agencies were involved in attempts to break encryption codes used to keep private information under guard.

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Security teams ‘don’t consider how threats work’

Organisations could be at risk of malicious cyber attacks because their security teams do not understand how such threats operate, an expert has said.

In an interview with Computer Weekly, senior technologist at communications and analysis firm Neustar Rodney Joffe said that in many cases, a false sense of security is being created.

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NSF makes significant investment in cyber security

The National Science Foundation (NSF) has granted $20 million of funding to three projects that will research cyber security measures.

Farnam Jahanian, NSF's assistant director for computer and information science and engineering, acknowledged that these attacks are one of the "most significant economic and national security challenges facing our nation today".

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Cyber security ‘one of fastest growing IT segments’

The cyber security analytics market is likely to grow even further over the next five years, as companies strive to avoid security breaches, research has established.

The Security Analytics Market report from Markets and Markets anticipates that as companies recognise the value of carrying out penetration testing, they will find a need for security-related products.

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