Check your firm’s resources before expanding into new territories

Bringing about expansion in any business can be a difficult task on many fronts – with so many stakeholders involved there is bound to be some residual friction.

This is common across almost every industry – people are creatures of habit and a sudden bout of change to their routine can provoke uncertain reactions.For enterprises that are looking to expand their operations, this brings with it some difficult challenges that need to be addressed if a particular project is to be deemed successful.In particular, the handling of information resources is likely to require adjustments – a step that can ruffle the feathers of even the most complacent of knowledge workers.

Providing comprehensive security policies, processes and security training on how to handle, process and store sensitive data can be a good step forward, as can the provision of an easy to use content management framework that actively enforces accountability.

However, it can be difficult to gauge how effective these measures are without putting them through their paces.This is where penetration testing services can help provide results – simulating real-world examples of digital attacks to determine how secure the firm’s assets are without the danger of information loss or corruption.